> Installation view of Residual Recollection at Simbart Projects, İstanbul. 2021


Artisanal Iteration Series

'...Tuğçe Diri's works portray sections of historical places recollected with a ritualistic drawing practice, bringing symbols into a new fiction with various forms that have been seen, experienced and chosen in perception. Inspired by traditional handcrafts such as illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy and ornaments, the artist uses tradition and historical places as a means of identity and ethnicity. According to Diri, repetition and cycle is a hint to the visualization and recollection of the supreme totality of the infinite universe, while on the other hand it is also a request to re-confront and challenge herself over and over again.' Gizem Gedik


Artisanal Iteration Series, AKM, 2021, frottage technique with crayon and graphite on paper, 160x280 cm

6.  2020_155x150cm_drawingonpaper.jpg

Artisanal Iteration Series, 2020, frottage technique with crayon, acrylic pen and graphite on paper, 152 x 148 cm

1. 2020_160x150cm_drawingonpaper.jpg

Artisanal Iteration Series, Blessing, 
2020, frottage technique with crayon and graphite on paper, 158x148 cm (private collection)

’Zanaatkarca Yineleme Serisi, İstanbul’, 2022, kağıt üzerine füzen ile frotaj tekniği ve ç

Artisanal Iteration Series, 'İstanbul', 2022, frottage technique with charcoal and graphite, drawing on paper, 50x50 cm

Artisanal Iteration Series, Ayasofya, 2021, kağıt üzerine frotaj tekniği ile desen ve akri

Artisanal Iteration Series, Hagia Sophia, 2021, spray paint, frottage technique with charcoal and graphite on paper, 97x127 cm